They say that sewing is good for the soul.
We say a stitch in time might help save the planet.

It began on the trade show floor in Orlando. After spending the entire afternoon wrapping 50 sets of 36” long individual light fixtures from our Australian pavilion, I thought there had to be a better way. Arriving back home, I pulled out the sewing machine and created a long bag to fit the light fixture. The only material I had on hand was light brown and it reminded me of a baguette. – CHRISTINE ELLIS, CEO

From this small idea, we have since developed a custom reusable packaging system, under the Facet baguette™ trademark for trade show and event displays, furniture and accessories. The entire line is designed and sewn in-house at our facility in Michigan and the products have all been tested on the major trade show sites throughout North America.

Most companies in the exhibit, event and the furniture rental industry use a combination of foam, plastic shrink wrap and tape to wrap furniture

and trade show properties before shipping to a show or an event. We’ve even seen trash or bin bags being used. These offer no protection and properties become easily damaged. The packing materials are tossed on the event floors and more packing materials are used to repack and are then discarded back at the warehouse.

Here at Facet, our custom made Facet baguettes™ have significantly reduced our labor and material costs. We generate almost no waste on-site and we have reduced our waste management fees at our facility to near net zero. All these savings in time and labor add up. And, as we all know, time is money.

We think it’s an idea worth sharing.

Why Facet baguettes™? | They protect your resources and save money.

We made the change we wanted to see. And our customers noticed.

It’s a tragic fact that the trade show, exhibit and event industry in North America is the second largest producer of waste after the construction Industry. Over 600,000 tons of waste are sent to the landfill every year from the largest Convention Centers. According to a study from the World Economic Forum, the equivalent of one full garbage truck of waste plastic is dumped into our oceans, every minute of every day. It’s become a global environmental catastrophe.

We are surrounded by countless solutions that seem so obvious, you might wonder at their simplicity. In Australia every contractor is responsible for their own waste and dutifully takes it off site at the end of the install. Exhibitors are also charged a waste management fee, just in case anyone dares to leave garbage on the show floor. In Europe and Australia, there is no ‘kicking of carpet’ or using plastic visqueen, they use carpet tiles. If a tile is damaged, they just replace the tile. And since there is no trash, they don’t use plastic.

Now imagine if we adopted some of those practices here in North America and everyone took care of their own waste and also used Facet baguettes™ instead of foam and plastic. There would be no trash to pick-up, and no garbage trucks stealthily backing into the large convention halls at midnight to pick up the mountains of trash left on the convention floors.

But don’t just take our word for it. We have found that our crews have been our biggest supporters. They have, without question, embraced the change and all prefer using Facet baguettes™.

Working with the Facet team and using their reusable baguettes makes our job easier and more efficient on site. We don’t have to waste time looking for packing materials and their properties always arrive in excellent condition. – IT’S SHOW TIME EXHIBIT AND EVENT SERVICES


To wrap or not to wrap,
Now there’s a question…

Why do you suppose you keep buying packaging supplies? Maybe it’s because you need to protect all your expensive exhibit, event and rental properties from damage during shipping. Good answer. Maybe because foam, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and tape are all very convenient; they are not so expensive, and you can always buy more. Time to rethink.

So consider this: instead of buying all those single use packaging supplies that just end up in the landfill, why not consider a reusable packaging system? Facet baguettes™ can be used over and over again to protect your properties and reduce your costs. Suddenly, wrapping properties will take much less time. Labor, materials, and waste management costs will be reduced and you will wonder, like us, why you never did this before now. And here’s the bonus, you’ll be doing your part to reduce the amount of waste at trade shows and events an your customers will notice. Ours did.

Still a shrink wrap user? Kick your habit. Raise your standards and lower your costs

Our company designs and builds modular trade show booths and pavilions. Over the last three years, we have reduced our annual packaging costs by 88%. Every time we purchase any new properties, we make Facet baguettes™, so we never need single use packaging materials and our properties are always protected in the warehouse and on-site.

We have carried out numerous time and motion studies and found that we have reduced the time it takes to wrap any item by 90% when using Facet baguettes™. We have reduced I and D labor costs on every job and increased profit margins.

At our facility, we have reduced the cost of our industrial dumpster service to less than $500 per year. We are currently aiming to be a zero waste facility or,near as we can be. Ask yourself this question —

Why pay for trash removal?
Our customers respect what we are doing for the environment. We have received commendations on how organized we care on-site, and how well we take care of our properties. We have also produced Facet baguettes™ for customer owned properties and displays.

As a developer and manufacturer of a reusable aluminum system for the live event and exhibit industry, we know how important packaging is. Reusable Baguettes are a great and unique solution not only to protect materials during shipping, but also to help reduce the amount of plastic and other single use packaging at shows. This is a true ‘green’ solution to help protect the environment! – ALUVISION