REDUCE YOUR COSTS, Choose Facet baguettes™


  • Inventory is organized and kept clean in the warehouse

  • Properties are protected and investment protected

  • Reduction in time and material costs at the warehouse

  • Reduction in dumpster fees and plastic pollution


  • Significant reduction in on site labor costs

  • Helps promote your brand using your house colors

  • Entire range of products can be reused for every show

  • Client appreciation for your environmental efforts.


Late at night, in convention facilities throughout the United States, huge mountains of plastic waste are shoveled into garbage trucks on the show floor late at night. Not many people know about this – only those who work in the industry. There are over 400 trade show facilities in the United States occupying millions of square feet of exhibit space.  This amounts to a huge amount of single-use plastic waste on every show, at every facility, nation-wide. Why do we use plastic to cover the flooring?  Why don’t we use FSC certified reinforced paper or board like the construction industry?

And here’s the game changer, FSC Certified construction paper and board is easier to install and it can be recycled.  We know. We tested it ourselves.

Over the years, we have adopted a wide range of sustainable business practices which have helped lower our costs and reduced our impact on the environment. These have ranged from installing ceiling fans and windows that open, to taking the train instead of the plane. We sell, repurpose, share or donate unused trade show properties, continually.

The USA spends about $40 billion a year on toxic chemicals.  And, unless you have been living on another planet, you must know that using chemical fertilizers, weed killers, herbicides and fungicides are extremely harmful to humans and the water system.  We don’t waste our hard earned cash on chemicals, we use a flame thrower to kill weeds and we use vinegar, baking soda to clean. They are so effective, it makes you smile.

Despite poverty and food deserts, the United States is the global leader in food waste. As much as 80 billion pounds of food is thrown away each year. We compost all kitchen waste, brown paper and cardboard, and this reduces our waste management fees.  And since shredded paper isn’t accepted at the recycling centers, we now add this to the compost bins.  The compost then goes into the raised beds (made from, you guessed, recycled one way shippers) where we grow vegetables for the kitchen.

Some years ago we donated all our large rolls of exhibit carpet. Carpet tiles are much easier to store, ship and manage and represent a huge cost saving.  They can be installed by just one person with no tape or padding.  If a tile is damaged, we only have to replace one tile and not the whole carpet.  Of course they have been using them for decades in Europe and Australia.  Clever people.

We have introduced many sustainable business practices over the years and have proven that they can not only help reduce costs, but also improve our well-being, as well as adding a few smiles at the production meetings.  Reducing our industry’s impact on the planet is urgent. And as Steve Jobs so rightly said: “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinion, drown out your inner voice”.